Pro-Q, supplier management software

Pro-Q is a web-based platform for optimal and custom management of suppliers and purchasing procedures. It has been designed for commercial companies, public administrations and companies belonging to ordinary or special industries, and produced in scientific collaboration with the E-Procurement Observatory for Public Administration of the School of Management at the Politecnico di Milano.

With Pro-Q, you can manage every aspect of the sourcing process in full compliance with local regulations: Supplier scouting, supplier registration management, RFQs and contract awards, end-to-end online auctions or tenders, suppliers behaviour management and their ranking and classification.

Modular and scalable, Pro-Q's procurement portal is a flexible solution that allows speeding up and streamlining the management of purchasing department operations, specially through helpdesk services, consulting, training and BPO activities, as well as via customisation and integration with existing systems, such as ERP or document archiving systems.

Features and modules


Vendors can submit and update their registration application to the List of Vendors completely independently. The entry includes detailed information on the company, product categories and documents. In this way, the Contracting Authority, supported by automation and platform alerts only needs to carry out an online check on the information provided by the Vendor, thus guaranteeing the List of Vendors is maintained in a streamlined manner and in line with requirements.


The Contracting Authority can collect additional information about Vendors, such as the operating methods, creating dynamics questionnaires to be filled out during registration or tenders when there is a technical offer to be evaluated, especially with regards to quantitative aspects. Questions and questionnaire structures can be managed independently and the answering paths could change on the basis of Vendors’ category.


To manage every procurement procedures, the Contracting Authority can choose from dozens of different tender characteristics provided by the portal. Once defined the requested documentation for the tender, the buyer can choose the Vendors to invite, on the basis of several selection criteria of the List. It is the platform that drives the purchase process, following manager approval.


During the bidding stage that follows the electronic Tender stage with sealed bids, each Vendor can see the bids of competitors in real time and can make more bids starting from the best bid received in a sealed envelope in the course of the Tender stage. Thanks to a dedicated chat, the Contracting Authority can send communications in real time to all the participants.


The credit rating of Vendors is the result of an ongoing evaluation of the elements which the Contracting Authority considers relevant to the management of the relationship with Vendors. The rating is expressed as a score, obtained from the synthesis of the different parameters. These parameters can be defined in relation to information and data managed in the Pro-Q platform, or also with reference to data from other business systems.


The module supports all the features of the List of Vendors and the Electronic Tender and Electronic Auction management, providing an integrated system for the exchange of messages between the Contracting Authority and Vendors. In this way you can keep within the system all the information related to the interaction between the Contracting Authority and Vendors without splitting it up and dividing it into the mail accounts of the players involved. Thus it is easier to reconstruct, in time, the information path related to each process managed with Pro-Q. The system also has integrated alert and notification mechanisms by certified mail that inform the Contracting Authority and the Vendors that there are of new communications to be consulted on the platform.


Discover the benefits that Pro-Q offers to commercial companies: lower purchasing cost for goods and services, supplier qualification and collection of detailed information, process simplification, optimization and analytical knowledge of procedures, and integration with other enterprise systems


Discover the benefits that Pro-Q offers to the public administration and companies belonging to special industries: transparency and traceability, acceleration of operations in full compliance with procurement rules, procedure standardisation and procurement process simplification

Four reasons to choose Pro-Q


Negotiate online and reduce purchasing prices and operating costs.


Streamline operations thanks to wizard-driven tasks and automated alerts.


Keep track of all activities, information and documents.


Choose the user-friendliest platform on the market, available anywhere, anytime.