Commercial companies

Improve procurement operations with PRO-Q's functionality intended to:
  • Standardise procedures and streamline purchasing processes by reducing repetitive tasks and eliminating human error;
  • Receive automatic notifications for pending tasks and schedule management;
  • Create and assign user profiles with different roles according to tasks and responsibilities;
  • Manage the entire procurement process and acquire analytical knowledge through interfaces with other enterprise systems (accounting, business intelligence, document management, audit software, etc.);
  • Lower your procurement costs using online negotiation tools;
  • Limit spending and optimise time-consuming tasks via the:
    • Removal/Automation of activities with low added value (e.g., alert deadlines, notifications, internal communications)
    • Simplification of document exchange with suppliers (electronic format instead of paper)
    • Increase of supplier base involved in each procurement procedure, which results in increased competition and lower pricing
    • Lower cost of incidental expenses (postal service, paper, printers)
  • Internal management of communicationsto distribute tasks across multiple operators, preventing thereby the dispersal of information related to each procedure, while simplifying change management at user level;
  • Full on-line management to control operations anywhere, anytime;
  • Support (where necessary) in complying with procurement rules L.163/06 smi (e.g., automatisms, pre-configurations);
  • Transparency and traceability operations and communications to reduce litigation and legal costs.

The e-procurement

A streamlined management of goods, services and works procurement, as well as of supplier interaction as a whole, is increasingly becoming a crucial element in the functioning of any organisation.
This need is even more pronounced at a time in which all companies are urged to rationalise resources and reduce costs.For this reason, the adoption of an IT solution to manage the procurement process helps in lowering purchasing costs, as well as those related to the procurement process itself.
Pro-Q consists of a various modules designed to manage - interfacing with the corporate ERP - the procurement process, which can be broken down into two sub-processes: Sourcing & Negotiation and Order/Contract Management.

Sourcing and Negotiation

It comprises the purchasing management process, from requirements definition up to the identification of the most suitable supplier (award):

  • Requirements analysis (what do we need to buy)
  • Supplier scouting and qualification (who should we include in our supplier base)
  • Special procurement collaboration (how to choose the supplier for a purchase)
  • Collection of supplier offers (what is the offering of the suppliers chosen for a purchase)
  • Award (identification of the supplier for a purchase).

Order/Contract Management

It comprises all stages of supplier interaction, from award to order issuance to delivery/receipt, as well as any administrative task conducted in the ERP system.

Four reasons to choose Pro-Q


Negotiate online and reduce purchasing prices and operating costs.


Streamline operations thanks to wizard-driven tasks and automated alerts.


Keep track of all activities, information and documents.


Choose the user-friendliest platform on the market, available anywhere, anytime.