About us

Pro-Q comes emerges from business and professional experiences in the Supply Chain and e-procurement areas and the scientific collaboration of the E-procurement Observatory in Public Administration of the School of Management at the Politecnico di Milano.

Experience The creation and evolution of the Pro-Q platform rests on extensive professional and business experiences. Experiences in organisational and software applications consulting in supply chain management and e-procurement (for commercial companies and the public administration, both in Italy and abroad) constitute the field knowledge that confers this platform a value of its own.

Background This business bet to concentrate on the e-sourcing market with a dedicated organisation and personnel has proven a winning one, even at a time (and probably also due to the harsh economic conditions we face nowadays) in which organisations are necessarily streamlined while activities are rationalised and budgets cut.

Approach Together with the objective value of the e-sourcing platform, Pro-Q's team operational approach is certainly unique and geared to deliver sustainable customer value. Its daily mission is to work with buyers and purchasing managers of client companies, involving them and sharing with them (as a true "community of experts") ideas, insights and priorities to follow on the continuous evolution path of the Pro-Q platform.

The team at Pro-Q

Pro-Q’s team distinctive features include:


by relentlessly seeking new technological solutions to provide functionality that best meets the needs of small and large customers


to simplify the management of e-procurement of its customers through the implementation of the user-friendliest platform on the market


of the platform evolution approach, including a helpdesk to assist customers' users and suppliers with the use of the portal


by listening to and working closely with purchasing experts of corporate customers to arrange and deliver solutions that align with their purchasing procedures


by continuously developing the platform following an evolutionary roadmap, with regular planning and publication of development activities under the product release plan