Polymnia Venezia

Polymnia Venezia, company owned by the Foundation of Venice, is implementing an important project of cultural infrastructure, known as the Polo M9, which consists of the reclamation and the urban redevelopment of a significant portion of the historical center of Mestre (Venice).
In particular, the Polo M9 involves the construction of a building complex with a museum and exhibition spaces (places where a cultural institution of new concept will operate), a business district (at the service of the exhibition) and commercial spaces.
This intervention has been the subject of a specific Schedule Agreement stipulated between the Veneto Region, the Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Landscape of the Veneto, the Superintendence for the architectural and landscape of Venice and its Lagoon, the Municipality of Venice and the Venice Foundation. Later, in 2010, the Foundation of Venice, the Municipality of Venice and Polymnia have signed an Urban Convention for the implementation of the Schedule Agreement mentioned above, in which Polymnia, despite being a private entity, is committed to observe the code of public contracts for the selection of the economic operator who will carry out the M9 complex.

Given the amount of the executive project at the basis of tender, amounting to approximately 36 million Euros, Polymnia had issued a European tender procedure and had to search a solution that would ensure the competitiveness, visibility and transparency of the tender operations as required by the Procurement Code.

The use of the web platform Pro-Q has enabled Polymnia to give visibility to the M9 City District and the related tender, and to widen their range of competitors in Europe.

From the operational point of view, thanks to the publication of the documents on the portal it was possible to distribute the voluminous documentation without sending it (electronic or paper). Tender, terms of contract, technical documentation, project reports and drawings (about 700 tables of considerable size) have been downloaded independently from anyone interested in the project (both for participation in the tender, both for informational purposes of study or interest in the project).

The feature for the management of communications, where all the requests for clarifications received and the relative answers were published anonymously, has played a fundamental role during the first phase for the divulgation of the information. The publication has ensured a systematic and impartial circulation of clarifications and explanations, limiting the number of instances to be answered daily.

We interviewed Antonio Rigon, Director of Polymnia Venezia, who commented the experience with Pro-Q:

“Pro-Q has allowed us to save time and resources, both in the distribution of the material, both in responding to requests for information and clarification. We have partnered with Venicecom who followed us step by step in adapting the platform to our needs and facilitate the loading of the tender material.

The Platform Pro-Q has been a valuable tool that allowed us to carefully follow the administrative procedures during the tender and, in particular, has allowed us to ensure timely and transparent information to all possible competitors, both in terms of the communications of the Contracting Authority both for the answers to questions received. On this occasion, we appreciated the expertise and professionalism of the staff.”