Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato

Founded in 1928, the Italian State Printing Works and Mint (IPZS), a company owned by the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance, expressed the need to develop the management activities of the Supplier Register and tenders using telematic systems through a platform for e-Procurement that would guarantee the following objectives
  • Streamline and speed up tender procedures and management of the Supplier Register;
  • Facilitate the process of collection and collation of data on expenditure;
  • Reorganise and rationalise the Supplier Register; Increase transparency in tender management;
  • Optimise management of the negotiation process through simplification and computerisation of procedures, in particular with regard to the evaluation phase of tenders;
  • Reduce supply costs, thanks to the reduction of the cost of participation of businesses in tenders through computerisation of processes.

The Pro-Q platform has responded to the needs of IPZS in accordance with the provisions of the Procurement Code (Italian Legislative Decree no. 163 of 2006) and related standards, and has been personalised on the basis of specific requests related to some features of activities carried out by the Institute. In particular, the platform will be interfaced with:

  • the Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts for Works, Services and Supplies (AVCP) for automatic sending of the data required to obtain the tender reference number (CIG); 
  • the body following the disclosure of calls through the Official Journal of the European Union (TED) for export and automatic publication in the portal and the acknowledgment of receipt of response; 
  • ERP SAP R3 for the direct transfer of data for accounting management of the order.

In addition, the Dynamic Questionnaires allow IPZS to create forms to collect information in addition to those provided by the Register and to identify the supplier from an operational point of view to evaluate the effective guarantee in compliance with the time stipulated in the contract. This type of activity is particularly important, for example, with the supply of ballots when it is necessary to take into account the supply potential (e.g., number of machines and printers supplied), but with the use of outside contractors for some stages of processing. For example, in the event bending takes place outside of the printing office, displacement of the material involves the intervention of the Italian Finance Police to ensure operations are compliant.

Thanks to using the portal, IPZS was able to:

  • Speed up the creating, publishing, management and evaluation phases of tenders; 
  • Unify the documentation related to management of e-procurement; 
  • Define the standard models required for enrolment with suppliers and participation in tenders; 
  • Standardise and organize information on suppliers and purchasing activities; 
  • Have greater control of procedures and their status by monitoring the entire process; 
  • Decrease the time needed for insertion of data through automatic export in the other systems in use; 
  • Ensure transparency in e-procurement activities; 
  • Reduce the cost of supply and management.