Acquedotto Pugliese

Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A. utility in the Puglia region is a centre of excellence for the management of water and sanitation networks that serve 4 million users in the region. With 2,000 employees, 21,000 km of water networks, 10,000 km of sewer networks and 184 purifiers, it presents a complex business management which has been, in recent years, the object of significant innovation to improve processes and reduce waste. In 2008 the company decided to use a software platform to manage the Supplier Register and Telematic Tenders, which led to it managing more than 1,000 tenders for a total awarded amount of more than 400 million Euros. After a few years of use it was decided to adopt a new personalised purchasing portal, with functionalities that fully meet the needs of the purchasing department for the performance of e-procurement activities.

After a first phase of in-depth analysis of the buying processes of Acquedotto Pugliese, a web portal was developed with functionalities that support buyers in the management of all types of purchases, with negotiated and open tenders, above and below the EC threshold. Thanks to automatisms, alerts and approval workflows, the focus is streamlining the process whilst ensuring compliance with the Procurement code, which AQP is subject to with the exceptions provided for special industries, belonging to the Utility industry.

Adoption of the solution has allowed us to obtain concrete benefits such as:

  • the standardisation and streamlining of procedures (in compliance with legislation) 
  • transparency in procurement procedures 
  • a higher speed of composition and performance of tenders 
  • lower operating costs, such as the publication of negotiated procedures on the portal, with a qualification system, exempt from the requirement to publish in newspapers 
  • a drastic reduction in disputes and tender litigations 
  • increased competition among suppliers that, even with the same offer, bringa higher standard of provision favoured and stimulated by telematics tenders.

The Help Desk service played an important role, especially in the initial phase, in supporting the eSourcing system. The service has helped to overcome the initial distrust, often present in Business Process Re-engineering projects, linked to the adoption of a tool that requires operators to change the way they operate. In addition, the call centre is the point of reference for suppliers who need assistance in using the portal for registration on the Suppliers Register and participation in tenders.

We asked lawyer Maurizio Cianci, Director of Purchasing at Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A., his opinion on the adoption and the purchasing portal:

"AQP handles almost all of the contracts telematically, which allows it to achieve benefits both in terms of duration of the selection procedures and transparency and cost of the same.

We have used the e-Procurement portal Venicecom since 2012 and we are satisfied with the solution, because it responds to and adapts to our need for efficiency, transparency and flexibility and ensures timely adaptation to changes in industry regulations."